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It’s time to make free site templates design easy for everyone. That’s why our team of HTML5 template designers and professional WordPress developers came together to launch FreeSiteTemplate.com, and we’re thrilled to release our first free website template today, Minimaxing.

free site templates Our philosophy is simple. If you need to hire someone to help you with your free HTML5 template, then that template is not right for you. Unfortunately, that’s a problem we see many HTML5 website designers and website developers face every day, and it’s a problem that we want to solve with easy-to-use these templates that are both logical and elegant. We’re passionate about making best free site templates easy for anyone to use, and that means getting rid of cluttered screens, complex coding, Bootstrap 3+ based, HTML5 and CSS3 technology, unlimited design, color options and so much more. FreeSiteTemplate.com builds / shares every one of its template to be incredibly easy to use and incredibly powerful, too.

We’re excited to share our first free template with you today and show web developer users how easy theme personalization and site editing can be. We offer everything you need and none of the extras you don’t. You can get all the details by checking out our standard features that come with every HTML5 website template from FreeSiteTemplate.com. Please don’t forget to bookmark free site templates on your browsers.